Affiliate Program

Our offering with market leading trading conditions is a first choice for Forex traders all over the world. Our trading conditions make for more profitable traders and induce volume from your referrals. We call this the win/win/win model. Clients win from better trading conditions.

Forex Affiliate Program

Affiliate forex marketing is when you promote the service offered and earn a commission if they make a purchase as a result. In a Forex Signals or Forex Account Opening context, that means linking to an external broker’s site or trading platform. If one of the people who clicks on your link signs up, you’re then paid a commission based on the size of their deposit, or a percentage of the trades they make going forward.

Our Forex Affiliate Programs are designed to accommodate different types of affiliates. Whether you are a Webmaster, Individual Trader, EA Developer, or a Marketing firm, you will find a formula that suits your business model.

Affiliates program Benefit

  • Instant automatic commission calculation and full access to your commission statement
  • Withdrawal of commissions at any time
  • The ability to add spread mark-up or extra commission is possible
  • The ability to recruit sub-introducers and distribute commission according to your specifications
  • Full package of affiliate marketing tools: Banners, market content, website widgets, and landing pages
  • Website design, development, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Personal partnership manager to provide support in timely manner
  • Free Website
  • Comprehensive Marketing Materials
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Exclusive Partner Area with Reporting Tools and Referring Links
  • Attractive Rebates Scheme
  • Advanced Trading & Analysis Tools
  • Competitive Fixed Spreads
  • Free Webinars
  • 24-hour Multilingual Support

Affiliate Program


Apply for our Forex Affiliate program by simply filling out registration form