In 2021, Russian banks returned to the victims of fraudsters 6.8% of the stolen 13.5 billion rubles

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Last year, for the first time, clients of Russian banks transferred more than 1 trillion rubles among themselves, 13.5 billion of which were stolen by fraudsters. Only 6.8% (920.5 million rubles) of this amount was returned to the victims, which was the worst result in two years, RBC reports.

However, in 2020 banks returned to the Russians 11.3% of the total amount of funds stolen by fraudsters (1.1 billion rubles). In 2019, this figure was 14.6% (935.9 million). Until that year, the Bank of Russia did not report on the return of stolen funds.

In 2021, the number and volume of fraudulent transfers increased by 33.8% and 38.8%, respectively, compared to 2020 levels.

In 2021, Russia proposed to introduce a mandatory refund amount in case of theft from accounts.


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