Dollar exchange rate for June 2022: forecast and analysts’ opinions

Our editors have conducted a study and assume that the dollar exchange rate in June 2022 will be $99.71. Read more about the events and opinions based on which the forecast is based, read further in our article.

Compilation of long-term forecasts is informational in nature and does not apply to accurate data. It allows, taking into account some factors, to obtain approximate indicators that will help in various fields of activity. The article presents dollar exchange rate forecast for june 2022compiled on the basis of the opinions of experts and the central bank of the country.

Factors affecting the dollar in June 2022

Factors that can affect the value of the exchange rate may be predictable or unexpected. The first includes already known situations that are reflected in the indicator. It could be a financial crisis or a supposed decline in the price of oil. An unexpected factor can be an earthquake, an epidemic, or other disasters.

List of factors that affect the dollar against the ruble:

  • Seasonality factor;
  • Artificially created situations;
  • Lack of own production of products;
  • The cost of oil;
  • Crisis of the world economy;
  • Inflation;
  • The state of the economy within the country.

The main factor that now affects the dollar is the situation in Ukraine. Because of this, a number of sanctions were introduced from several countries at once against Russia. This led to the weakening of the ruble against the dollar. In response, Russian President V.V. Putin decided to change the currency of payment for gas supplied abroad. Now it will be accepted only in rubles. This factor will also affect the exchange rate and stability of the ruble.

In connection with the current situation in Ukraine and in the world as a whole, it becomes more difficult to make accurate forecasts. But if we take into account the possible stability of what is happening, then it will be possible to establish an average dollar exchange rate for the month june 2022 of the year. According to some experts, the end of the military operation in Ukraine can improve the economic situation in the country. But when this will happen is not known. At the moment, to strengthen the ruble, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation began foreign exchange interventions. This is currently a deterrent to the sharp growth of the dollar.

Summary of Forecasts from Major Banks

On average, according to the country’s major banks, the dollar exchange rate in June 2022 will be in the range from 100 to 120 rubles. This is the opinion of leading experts in the economy of well-known organizations.

Dollar exchange rate forecast for June 2022:

PSB – from 120 to 125 ₽;

MTS Bank – from 105 to 120 ₽;

Bank Zenith – from 115 to 120 ₽;

Russian Standard Bank – from 113 to 120.00 ₽.

When setting the indicators, each of the bank experts took into account a number of factors that could affect the dollar exchange rate during this period of time.

Expert opinions on dollar values ​​in June

Many experts believe that the dollar is rapidly losing its former positions. Some countries are already actively looking for a replacement. These include Turkey, Brazil, China and India. The rejection of the dollar is also associated with the blocking of Russian assets in the West. Countries don’t want to take the risk of continuing to do business with the US on their currency.

“Everyone is frightened by the fact that the US economy has reached historical highs in terms of public debt and it continues to grow and there is an understanding that it is unrealistic to return such a debt. Especially for an economy that is going into recession.”
– expert opinion.

Optimistic forecasts are the strengthening of the ruble against the backdrop of the collapse of the dollar. Many experts believe that this could happen within the current year. But there are also pessimistic opinions. Some experts suggest a further decline of the ruble against the dollar. This can lead to an economic crisis within the country, a deterioration in the situation on the oil markets, and a change in the global financial system.

Dollar forecast for June in the table

Consider the estimated value of the US dollar by day. The information table will allow you to visually assess the fall or increase in the indicator. Based on the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, throughout June 2022, the value of the dollar against the ruble is projected to increase.

Supposed dollar forecast for june 2022 in the table:

the date Estimated dollar exchange rate The value of the increase or decrease in the exchange rate for the period
1.06.2022 98.00 RUB
5.06.2022 $98.43 + 0.43 RUB
06/10/2022 $99.25 + 0.82 RUB
06/15/2022 $99.74 + 0.49 RUB
06/20/2022 $100.39 + 0.65 RUB
06/25/2022 $100.91 + 0.52 RUB
06/30/2022 $101.27 + 0.36 RUB

The result is that, on average, the estimated value of the dollar exchange rate on the first day of June 2022 will be 98 ₽. On the last day, this figure will be equal to 101.27 ₽. The dollar exchange rate will increase by 3.27 ₽ per month. The approximate average value for the period is 99.71 ₽.

Is it worth buying currency?

Experts consider it unwise to invest their funds in the dollar in June 2022. This is justified by the current situation not only within the country, but in the world as a whole. Many believe that it will not change by this period. Experts and economists warn citizens against short-term investments. The situation can change at any moment. The risks of losing your funds are too great.


On the dollar exchange rate for june 2022 many factors can influence. The position of one of the countries and the improvement of the economy can be strengthened at any moment. This will be a fundamental factor in the rise or fall of the dollar in June 2022. The opinion of experts and analysts presented in the article will help in the issue of investing in this currency during this period.

The materials presented in this section do not constitute individual investment advice.

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