The German company Uniper will continue to discuss with Gazprom ways to pay for gas

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Energy holding Uniper, the main buyer of gas in Germany, continues negotiations with the Russian supplier. The discussion concerns the procedure for payment: from the beginning of April, Russia accepts payments only in rubles.

Uniper CFO Tiina Tuomela spoke about the progress of the negotiation process during a teleconference with the company’s investors. The German side considers the use of the Russian currency for settlements possible, but at the same time plans to stay within the framework of sanctions from the European Union. Also, to make a final decision, the company’s management will consult with the government.

The new procedure for paying for energy carriers was introduced by presidential decree of March 31. Now, when deliveries abroad, the Russian side accepts payments only in domestic currency. All foreign counterparties were notified of the new conditions, if they do not comply with the requirements, supplies are stopped. Such measures have already been taken in relation to Poland and Bulgaria.

Gazprombank has opened special accounts for all buyers of Russian gas, which can be used to convert euros or dollars into rubles. These accounts are not subject to seizure, write-off of funds at the initiative of the bank or delay of transactions. The buyer can replenish the account in foreign currency, the bank will sell it on the Moscow Exchange and transfer it to the counterparty’s ruble account.

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