AW Smart Grids MT5

even the EA trades on price returns to the average value after finishing impulse bounces from the MA with a long period. If necessary, it may use averaging. it has an innovative dashboard and all types of notifications.

Troubleshoot the problem by contacting the author –> 

Troubleshoot the problem by contacting the author –> 

  • Advanced filtering of basket orders 
  • fully automated trading system, with the ability to incorporate manual orders
  • effortless installation and intuitive dashboard interface
  • strong trading potential and easy setup
  • Built-in autolot 
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  • Size of the first order – Thesize for opening the first order. Used if Enable Autolot calculation is disabled. 
  • Enable Autolot calculation – Enable Autolot. If you use Autolot, you can’t use Size of the first order. Used for the first order
  • Autolot deposit per 0.01 lots – The amount of the deposit for every 0.01 when using the autolot
  • Orders Magic number – The main ID of the EA’s orders. It is used primarily for identifying the EA’s orders
  • Comments of the EA’s orders – Comments on orders opened by the Expert Advisor
  • Allow to open OP_BUY orders  A variable that allows you to choose whether to enable or disable the ability of the Expert Advisor to open BUY orders
  • Allow to open OP_SELL orders  A variable that allows you to choose whether to enable or disable the ability of the Expert Advisor to open orders of the SELL type
  • Allow to open new orders after close-Allow to open orders after the previous ones are closed. At the end of trading, you can disable this feature and then the Expert Advisor will not be able to open new orders after closing the previous ones
  • Show panel of advisor – Show or hide the Expert Advisor panel
  • Font size in panels – Change the font size in the panel


  • Maximum slippage in points  Maximum allowed slippage in points for opening and closing orders
  • Maximum spread in points  The maximum allowed spread for opening orders. Measured in points
  • Maximum size of orders – The maximum volume for a single order. Is measured in lots
  • Maximum number of orders  Maximum allowed number of orders in a basket of the same type


  • Multiplier for size of orders Multiplier for orders. Each subsequent order opened by the Expert Advisor in the order grid will be larger than the previous one by this coefficient
  • Step for grids – The variable that regulates the step between orders is measured in points


  • Size of Virtual TakeProfit (In points) – The size of the virtual Take Profit. It is calculated for the current group of orders from the breakeven price
  • Use overlap last and first orders  Use the overlap of the first order with the last one
  • Use overlap after that number of orders  Use the overlap of the first order with the last one after the given number of open orders


  • Minimum distance from MA – The distance (in points) from the moving average that the price needs to overcome before a trade is opened
  • MA Period – The period of the moving average, the most important parameter that affects the aggressiveness of the Expert Advisor. The larger the period parameter, the less frequently orders are opened
  • MA Method-Variable that regulates the method of the MA indicator
  • MA Applied price-Adjustment of the applied price in the MA indicator
  • Step SAR – Step for the SAR indicator
  • Maximum SAR – maximum for the SAR indicator Forex Algo Trading

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