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the Automatic expert Advisor is designed for trading information.

News downloads in the Forex Factory website,,

For the Expert Advisor to work, you have to incorporate the URL to the terminal configurations.

The Expert Advisor is installed each currency graph. In the Symbol News area, you need to set the currency symbol to search for news in the calendar. example: if you install the EA on the AUDUSD chart, set Symbol News-AUD, if USDCAD Symbol News-CAD, XAUUSD Symbol News-USD, etc. On each chart, we change the magic number, any timeframe.

The Expert Advisor works with pending orders and market orders, sets two Buy stop and Sell stop orders before the news is released, or sets levels hidden from the broker, in case of a breakdown of the level, an order will be opened.

There is a function for trading news from the list with pending orders and market orders. To do this, you need to add the desired news for trading to the settings and specify the digital deviation for opening an order.

  • Type Trade – type of trade (trade news from the calendar or manually entered)
  • Symbol News – symbol of news
  • Order Type for Type 2 – type of orders for trading, entered manually
  • Time to read calendar data, sec – time to read data from the calendar for trade type 2 from the list of market orders
  • Distance to orders – distance to set orders and levels
  • Hide pending orders setting to hide the installation of orders
  • Hide the Take Profit setting is to hide the installation of the TP
  • Hide Stop Loss setting-hide stop loss setting
  • Take Profit – take profit
  • Stop Loss – stop loss
  • Type of initial lots-use a fixed lot or a percentage of free margin
  • Fixed lot – fixed lot that will be used in trading
  • Using margin, % – select the percentage of free margin in trading
  • Profit transfer stop to breakeven-breakeven activation
  • Step breakeven-breakeven step
  • The trailing stop-the trailing value
  • Step trailing stop – the trailing step
  • The maximum spread – the maximum spread for opening an order
  • Slippage – the maximum slippage. If the slippage is greater than set, the orders will be deleted
  • Interval modify orders-the movement of orders for the price after a certain period of time is configured in seconds (0-off)
  • Align the order of, s – placing stop orders before the news release in seconds
  • Remove pending orders through min-delete orders if none were triggered after the specified time
  • Open new orders if there are open orders – open new orders if there are open orders for this currency pair
  • Max Drawdown – the maximum drawdown in %
  • Magic Number – magic
  • Comment – comment on orders
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Doubling the opposite order

  • Doubling the lot of the opposite pending order-doubling the lot of the opposite pending order (when one of the orders is triggered, the opposite order will be placed with a doubled lot).
  • Number of doubling (1-3) – doubling the number of orders
  • Interval modify orders of, s. (0-off) – modify the order for the price (0-disabled)
  • Distance – distance of the order
  • Deleting pending orders, sec. – deleting doubled orders

Limit orders before the news

  • Use setting limit orders to the news – use limit orders before the news (on/off)
  • Distance – the distance
  • Stop Loss – stop loss
  • Lot – lot
  • Trailing stop – the value of trailing
  • Step trailing stop – the trailing step
  • Remove limit orders through the sec. – removal of limit orders

Hedge Settings

  • Use Hedging – use hedging (on/off)
  • Distance – the distance of the hedge
  • Coefficient of Take Profit – take profit coefficient (to determine the distance of take profit, you need to multiply the distance by the number of the coefficient)
  • Coefficient for lot Hedging – coefficient of lot increase

Limit Orders grid setup

  • Use a limit order grid – use a grid of limit orders
  • Distance – distance to place limit orders
  • Max. count. limit orders – maximum number of limit orders
  • Trailing Stop Break Even – total tall of limit orders
  • Take Profit on the Break Even – take profit from breakeven
  • Number martingale limit order (0-off) – number of the martingale limit order (0-off)
  • Coefficient – lot increase coefficient

Time Settings

  • Use auto set GMTOffset-determine the time of the MetaTrader 4 server automatically or manually
  • GMTOffset Server – time of the MetaTrader 4 server

Calendar Settings

  • Selecting calendar – select a calendar
  • Trading High News – trade high-importance news
  • Trading Medium News – trade news of medium importance
  • Trading Low News – trade news of low importance
  • Show High News – display high-importance news on the chart
  • Show Medium News – display news of medium importance on the chart
  • Show Low News – display low-importance news on the chart
  • Show markers news – display news markers
  • Use Alert News-signal about upcoming news
  • Time before Alert News – time of the signal before the news

Settings for manually entered news

  • Description of the news – name of the news for trading
  • Change for BUY-deviation for opening a buy
  • Change for SELL-deviation for opening a sell

Time-based testing

  • Time test news 1 – time of the test news
  • Time test news 2 – time of test news Forex Algo Trading

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