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Demand for cheap country houses grew by 30%

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The Russians began to show more and more interest in suburban areas and houses. Inexpensive real estate enjoys maximum demand.

According to the real estate agency “Etazhi”, the interest of buyers in dachas and plots at the lowest price has grown by an average of 30% in the first four months of this year. On the contrary, the demand for expensive houses and dachas is declining. At the same time, prices in the market fell from 15% to 20%, and the average cost of an offer compared to 2021 decreased by 9%.

Often, buyers do not choose new houses, but built five or ten years ago. Such lots are lower in cost, and a high-quality infrastructure has already developed around them.

Most Russians choose the decision to buy real estate in the face of investment uncertainty. If there are not enough funds to purchase an apartment, a cottage or a building plot becomes a profitable solution. Bank deposits, even with higher rates, will not cover the inflation rate, which is officially expected this year.

Against the backdrop of growing demand, the cost of even the cheapest suburban real estate is gradually increasing. Many buyers are already listing purchased properties with a markup of up to 15% in order to make a profit. Contributes to rising prices and rise in price of building materials. One of the few whose prices have fallen since the beginning of the year is timber. Certain types of building materials managed to grow in price by 50% since the beginning of January.

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