All tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg sold out on June 10

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The Russians sold out all the tickets for the evening train runs from the capital to St. Petersburg on June 10. Four weeks before departure, there were practically no empty seats left.

Such a high interest in the date is due to two reasons. The first is the beginning of the holiday weekend before June 12, when Russia Day is celebrated. The second is the beginning of the White Nights season, a unique phenomenon in St. Petersburg.

According to the service, demand traditionally increases on such dates. In June, domestic tourism in the direction of St. Petersburg is significantly activated, and in this case, the season of white nights coincides with extended holidays.

According to service analysts, there are still tickets left for some flights, but their cost starts from 7 thousand rubles. According to information on the official website of the Russian Railways, all available seats are classified as “business” or “first”.

For those who do not work until late in the evening, it remains possible to leave on a daytime flight. Tickets for trains 246С cost from 2 thousand rubles.

Also, those wishing to visit St. Petersburg can go by plane: one-way flight will cost from 4 thousand rubles. There are still enough tickets for trains in the opposite direction.

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