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On November 28, 2021, the launch took place Thetan Arena – gamess, which combines genres such as battle royale and MOBA. The game is a novelty in the field of blockchain games, offering users an unusual and interesting gameplay. Thetan Arena – game, which allows you to earn cryptocurrency for activity. Playing Thetan Arena is not only interesting, but also profitable. However, it is important to know how to make money on the game, what you need to do for this, as well as ways to withdraw money.

What are NFT games and how do they make money?

NFT games are a modern phenomenon in the field of cryptocurrencies. The popularity of non-fungible NFT tokens has led to the fact that interactive projects have begun to be released on which you can earn money. Earned funds are quite easy to withdraw to the wallet. To make money in NFT games, you must adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Creating an account in the game Thetan Arena or another similar project. In any game, you first need to create an account and make the first investment in the project. To do this, you need to buy a starter token, which includes an initial set of cards, a land plot for building a farm, a pet or a character. In some games, developers provide the player with a starter pack for free, so you can do without initial expenses.
  2. Earning new tokens and increasing their value. Earnings are due to special gameplay tools, such as increasing the skills and characteristics of the hero, assembling a new deck of cards, building a farm on your site.
  3. Putting your NFTs up for sale. The player can put his hero, pets, equipment on the domestic market for sale. Also, a special platform can be used to sell NFTs. The cost of a token is determined depending on its rarity and functionality. Therefore, rare items may have a high value, so will be quickly sold for a high price.
  4. Transfer of ownership of tokens. When selling tokens, the owner transfers the rights to them to another player, receiving cryptocurrency in return. After the transaction is completed, the cryptocurrency will be transferred to the player’s account.

The main advantages of NFT games and earnings on them include:

  1. Transparency. Most NFT games based on cryptocurrency transactions are fair and transparent. Therefore, the risk of fraud in this case is minimal. At the same time, there is no deception not only from the developers, but also from other players.
  2. High functionality and availability of feedback from developers. The internal economy of the game directly depends on the actions of the players, so the developers of NFT projects listen to the users and, if necessary, make changes to the game.
  3. Time monetization. The main advantage of NFT games, which allows you to get a real financial incentive for the time spent.

Despite the fact that NFT games are only at the initial stage of development, their popularity is huge. It is these projects that NFT game Thetan Arenawhich is distinguished not only by its attractive design and good playability, but also by the ability to earn money on it and withdraw it without any problems.

What are the features of Thetan Arena?

A game Thetan Arena in 2022 year – a real means of earning, which has a number of features:

  1. The presence of all the necessary tools for earning. Thetan Arena has a low entry threshold of around $800. At the same time, the profitability of the game reaches 80%. In the game, you can earn not only on the time spent, but also sell items, trade on staking.
  2. Addictive gameplay that gives high prospects for the growth of the gaming community. MOBA games have millions of fans around the world. Thetan Arena game has a high chance of repeating the success of its predecessors, given that this is one of those projects where the most ordinary player can earn real money, even if he is not a professional esportsman.
  3. Attractive design and thoughtful game mechanics. This attracts to the game not only those who want to earn real money, but also enthusiastic players attracted by the process itself. Therefore, game items have a high value, not only because of the speculative component, but also the value for gamers. That is why the game itself supports a stable economy and helps players earn.
  4. The presence of anti-inflation mechanisms and a well-thought-out economy of Thetan Arena game. Maintaining the exchange rate of the game is ensured through the use of special anti-inflationary mechanisms. This provides a more friendly investment climate, the development of the gaming economy and a stable income growth for regular players.

There are many ways to earn money in Thetan Arena. However, you will first have to invest in buying a hero. After that, its development allows you to increase the cost in order to sell it in the future or earn money by selling things.

Gameplay and how to earn more?

Thetan Arena

AT review of Thetan Arena most players are primarily interested in ways to earn money and opportunities to increase this income. Playing Thetan Arena is quite simple and at the same time interesting. However, first you need to acquire a hero. After that, you will need to team up with other players to participate in duels in the arena. Inside the game, there is a special in-game currency called Thetan Coin.

What distinguishes Thetan Arena from classic MOBA games is the opportunity not only to participate in battles and battles in order to win and have fun, but also to earn tokens for this – a special game currency. Tokens can be used for accumulation, saving or exchange. They can be obtained by participating in tournaments, quests and other game events. Separately, it should be noted Quest Points. This is an in-game currency that is not a token. But if you observe enough of them, you can exchange them for tokens.

Earned tokens can be sold or exchanged for other types of cryptocurrencies. This currency can be used to buy characters, various items in the game. Improved characters and valuable items can be sold on the Thetan Coin game marketplace.

You can start the game without investments, having received a free hero. In this case, the gameplay will practically not be different. You can still kill the enemy, participate in battles, upgrade abilities. First, the battles take place with bots, and then with real people. However, if you purchase a paid hero, the player will receive additional income for each game, which significantly increases his earnings. In addition, a well-pumped paid character can be profitably sold on the marketplace.

Prospects for earning in Thetan Arena

How to make money in Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena – cryptocurrency game, which gives players ample opportunities for real earnings. At the end of 2021, the prospects for making money in the game were as follows:

  1. The cost of a playable character. It could be sold on the marketplace for about 10,000 THC, which is about $1,500. And we are talking about a character with average characteristics. The better it is pumped, the higher its price.
  2. Victory in Deathmatch mode. It brings in about 29.5 THC. At the same time, 6 THC are transferred to the character for the victory, and the rest as a bonus for characters of the legendary rank. Therefore, the better the character is pumped, the more he gets for the victory.
  3. Battles for characters of the legendary rank. One legendary character is able to play about 800 battles, receiving a reward for them. A legendary hero player can only play up to 12 games per day. Therefore, if the maximum number of games is played daily, then the legendary character will generate income for about 65 days. If the probability of winning is 80%, then you need to multiply 29.5 by 0.8 and by 800 games, you get 18900 THC. And this amount corresponds to 2700 dollars.
  4. If you take advantage of all the opportunities for investing in the characters of the game, then in just a year of the game, the yield is up to 350%. At the same time, you can not only receive a high income, but also maximum pleasure from the very process of the game.

To get such a high yield, you need to purchase a legendary, and therefore the most expensive character. However, if this is not possible, you can try to earn money with less investment. To do this, you can buy a low-ranking character. In this case, the level of income will be much lower, but the initial investment is minimal.

In addition to earning money from battles and selling high-ranked characters, you can also earn income from selling items and staking.

In-game currency conversion

If you purchase a character, then you can convert currencies immediately after purchase. However, the exchange is possible only from 750 coins. For a free or purchased character, the exchange is possible with the presence of a THG token. IT is required in order to pay for the commission that is deducted from transactions. You can buy tokens on the main page of the game. For this, an exchange is used, where you can choose the most favorable rate for yourself.

There are two types of currencies in Thetan Arena – THC and THG. THC currency is coins that can be obtained in the game for battles, participation in quests, and completing various tasks. This is an in-game currency that cannot be converted into real money. To convert game savings into real money, a second currency is used – THG. It can be obtained in the same way as coins, but only after the player buys a hero, invests money in it, or otherwise donates to the game. All expensive and rare items in the game can be purchased and sold in the marketplace for THG only.

How to withdraw real money?

Thetan Arena Token

THC is an in-game currency that is unlimited in Thetan Arena. THG is a currency that can be converted into dollars and withdrawn from the game. To make the first withdrawal request from the game, the account must be created at least 12 days ago. The first day is considered to be the creation of an account, and not the day of the first purchase on the marketplace.

Players who have not made any purchases on the marketplace must earn a Bronze rating to be eligible to submit a withdrawal request. The minimum and maximum order size for THC depends on the reliability of a particular account. The minimum output of 30 for bronze requires 21278 rating dice.

How much can you earn in Thetan Arena

To earn money inside the game, THC is used, which can be received for won matches, through a referral program, when selling valuable items on the marketplace. The income of the players to a greater extent depends not on the intensity of the game and the time spent in the project, but on the initial investment. If a player purchased a pumped character and constantly donates to the project, his income can be about $ 300 per week. This allows you to recoup the initial investment within 1-2 weeks after purchasing the character.

At the same time, income depends on luck, informed decisions and the amount of time spent in the game. If the player successfully completes games, has a high percentage of wins and finds rare and expensive items, his income will be even higher. A stable way to earn money is to sell items from boxes on the marketplace. This allows you to earn about $100 a week without much effort.


Thetan Arena game features different modes, beautiful design and the ability to earn money. It allows you to use paid and free heroes, start playing with or without donations. It has all the opportunities for earning, the amount of which can reach 350% per annum. And the unique and inimitable gameplay ensures that the popularity of the game will continue and will only grow. However, it is worth remembering that high earnings are associated with high risks, so when choosing an investment object, you always need to determine how ready you are for them.

The materials presented in this section do not constitute individual investment advice.

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