Afghanistan is ready to sign an agreement for the construction of a gas pipeline

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The Afghan authorities will be ready to sign the remaining seven documents required for the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline through the country in the coming days. This was told by the local TV channel with reference to the Foreign Ministry.

Four states are participating in the gas pipeline project. In addition to Afghanistan itself, India, Pakistan and Turkmenistan are also involved in it. In total, 16 agreements had to be concluded to carry out the work, but most of them were signed together with the previous government. Funds for the implementation of the project will be allocated from the budget of Afghanistan, in addition, a loan will be provided by another participant in the construction, Turkmenistan.

The Afghan government plans to return the funds from the revenues that the gas pipeline will bring to the state. According to preliminary estimates, the project will bring up to $500 million to each participating country.

Earlier, the media reported that the country’s authorities would allocate a special unit consisting of 30 thousand people to protect the TAPI gas pipeline. Representatives of the Government emphasize how important the project is for them and claim that they intend to see it through to the end, although the situation in Afghanistan has become increasingly tense lately.

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