In Russia, the price of auto parts has risen sharply

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The price of auto parts has risen sharply in recent months. In March and April, they have risen in price by almost a third. The reason was the shortage of components due to supply problems and sanctions against Russia.

The biggest problems are observed with car windows, bumpers and headlights. Due to the strong imbalance of supply and demand, prices for individual goods have increased significantly.

The supply of electronic components for cars has also become much more complicated. Despite the fact that the Russian authorities have allowed parallel imports, such measures have not yet solved the problem. The list of goods allowed for parallel imports included both entire vehicles and auto parts.

In recent months, hundreds of foreign companies have announced either a complete withdrawal from the Russian market, or a temporary halt in supplies. Among these companies were many automakers. At the moment, almost all factories of foreign car manufacturers are closed in Russia, and even Russian manufacturers are experiencing problems with the supply of parts.

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