Experts spoke about Iranian-Russian cooperation

Iran and Russia cooperate mostly in a political sense, but in the future, the relations of the countries may move to the oil and gas field and the exchange of technologies.

Russia and Iran are united by powerful sanctions pressure from Western countries. The Russian Federation sets records for the number of sanctions imposed, Iran – for their duration. Before the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, Tehran was the leader in terms of the number of restrictive measures. In such circumstances, the development of cooperation is natural for both parties.

According to the Iranian ambassador in Moscow, relations in the oil and gas sector have already achieved certain results. The map of cooperation, designed by Iranian experts, was handed over to Russian representatives.

Iran is ready to assist Russia in the fight against the oil embargo, but its possibilities in this area are limited. In this way, Tehran expresses solidarity with a state that is subjected to the same influence from the West.

According to experts, countries can provide each other with markets and provide a range of services to help combat sanctions pressure. Russia can offer Iran technological solutions and a wide field for investment.

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