Google employees leave Russia

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According to The Wall Street Journal, the Russian division of Google will soon be left without employees. Some of them will quit, while others will be relocated to Dubai.

The company offered to move outside of Russia to its employees when the court arrested the Russian account of Google. Later, the FSS opened a case on the recovery of a fine from the search engine by force. Under such conditions, the Google office almost completely lost the ability to work normally, pay for the services of partners and transfer salaries to employees.

Now Google LLC, a subsidiary of Google in Russia, is going to file for bankruptcy. At the moment, lawyers are preparing an appeal to the arbitration court.

This is not the first time the corporation initiates a withdrawal from the Russian Federation. 6 years ago, the engineering division was closed, the Moscow division was engaged in the sale of products and advertising.

In recent months, Google has received several large fines at once for non-compliance with the requirements of Roskomnadzor and illegal, according to law enforcement, account blocking. Fines, together with penalties, can amount to up to 94 trillion rubles.

Employees of the company were offered to move to work in Dubai. Those who prefer to stay in Russia can apply for a dismissal.

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