How to find out the PIN code of a bank card or restore it? All ways

The PIN code of the card is an analogue of the client’s handwritten signature, which is used for certain operations. The password usually consists of 4 secret digits. In fact, a pin is one of the protective mechanisms of funds that are stored on card accounts.

However, it happens that the card holder himself forgets or loses the secret combination of numbers. What to do in such a situation? Let’s talk about how to get card pinif it is lost, is it possible to recover the password without going to a bank branch, and what functions are available to holders without a PIN.

When you may need a card pin

The pin code of a plastic card is required for certain transactions and offline purchases. It is indispensable when the owner needs to withdraw cash from an ATM. Also, the software and hardware device will ask you for a secret combination if you want to find out the balance of the card, make a transfer or pay for cellular services, utilities, etc.

In addition, a pin is required when paying for purchases with a card in land-based (regular) stores and merchants. However, at the moment, the introduction of a digital password at retail outlets is not required in all cases. For example, when paying for purchases up to 1000 rubles with a card that supports contactless payment technology, a code is most often not needed. By the way, if desired, this limit can sometimes be corrected in your personal online banking account.

However, if the payment amount exceeds 1000 rubles, then you still have to enter a four-digit code in the store terminal. Also, a PIN is almost always required when using credit cards that do not support PayPass technology (with a magnetic stripe and / or with chips).

Sometimes a pin code is used as an analogue of a handwritten signature, for example, when you go to a bank. You can be asked to enter a secret code not only when you want to withdraw money, but also in other situations. This may be an application for a loan, issuance of a new card, registration of an insurance product – in general, when the bank needs to sign documents.

Options for finding out the PIN code of the card

How to find out the pin code of the card

There are several options how to find out the pin code of a new card:

  1. View in the envelope that is issued with the card;
  2. Request via SMS;
  3. Get in the online banking application;
  4. Call the bank’s hotline.

When handing over a plastic carrier in a bank, an employee will tell you in detail about how to get card pin. Usually the digital password is issued in an envelope along with the card. It is generated randomly by the program, and no one sees this combination before opening the package. However, now many banks have begun to refuse envelopes. At the time of activation, the digital code is sent to the client on the phone in the form of SMS.

Also, in some cases, the user needs to figure out how to find out the pin code of the card in the application. For example, Tinkoff and some other financial companies distribute credit cards through their representatives outside the bank branches. In this case, you will have to download the program for your smartphone, then log in to the mobile bank. Next, you will need to perform approximately the following actions:

  • Click on the card image or select it by number from the list;
  • Go to the “Map settings” field;
  • Change the PIN code (even if it has not been set yet);
  • Set any suitable value from 4 digits.

In a number of some credit and financial companies, there is also the practice of independently generating a PIN code by the client through the bank’s hotline. In this case, the password is set using the voice assistant. The numbers are dialed in tone mode after the robot invites you to set the code.

What should I do if I can’t remember my password?

Forgot card pin

And although the secret password contains only 4 digits, it happens that the card holder at some point suddenly forgot them. If the cherished numbers are not written down anywhere, and the envelope with the pin is destroyed, then it is impossible to restore the numerical combination.

Digital access is issued or generated by the user at the time of receipt or activation of the card, so that it is known only to you. The password is not stored in any banking program, it is not specified in the service agreement. The employee cannot give you your current code in any way. Only you can know it, and if someone asks you for your PIN, then this is a scammer!

If you failed to remember the key, then you have several options for getting out of the situation:

  • Contact the card issuing bank. Here, the further algorithm of actions will depend on the company and its service. In some organizations, you can set a new password using a passphrase. However, other banks (UralSib, Alfa-Bank) do not have such a service, and the employee will offer you to write an application for re-issuing a plastic carrier.
  • Call the hotline. In some financial companies (for example, Sviaz-Bank), you can set a new PIN over the phone.
  • Set a new code in the application (the service is available, for example, in Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, MTS Bank, etc.).

Note that even if the bank does not provide for the restoration or installation of a pin code, the main functions of the card account will still be available to you. In an emergency, you can withdraw money without a card by contacting a bank branch with a passport. Please note that this will likely incur a fee. In addition, many banks can offer their customers an instant (unnamed) card for the period of reissuing the main one.

Life hack: If you have Internet banking, then you can transfer funds from one card to another to withdraw money. Then it remains just to withdraw cash from the card for which you still remember the password.

The holder does not need to decide how to see card pinif he uses a virtual service. Without a password, the user has access to all online banking services – transfers, payment for services. In addition, purchases in online stores and various online services are paid for with a card without entering a secret combination.

Is it possible to find out the password of someone else’s card

Is it possible to find out the password of someone else's card

Holders may worry that attackers have information how to find out the pin code by card number. This can especially worry the user in case of loss of plastic media. In fact, scammers will not be able to somehow find out the secret password, of course, if you have not written it down on the “plastic” itself. It is also an unacceptable mistake to keep a record of the secret combination in the wallet along with the card. Knowing only the card number, it will not be possible to calculate its password.

However, even if your card (albeit with a PIN code) ends up in the wrong hands or is simply lost, you should not worry too much. In this case, you need to quickly block the card through the bank’s hotline and report the loss. If third parties managed to use the funds from the card, then these people are very easy to figure out by the latest transactions.

Today, all retail and service outlets are equipped with CCTV cameras, not to mention ATMs. In addition, banks in this case usually compensate the victim for losses even before the moment when the attackers compensate for the damage.

It is very easy to reinstall the pin in modern realities, but only the holder can do it. When you use the application, you must enter a username and password. When contacting the hotline, the specialist necessarily conducts verification to confirm the identity of the client. Experts admit that the funds stored on the card are more secure than cash.


Previously, the loss of a PIN was highly undesirable, since in most cases a reissue of the card was required. For about 7-14 days, the bank’s client was left without access to personal funds. However, today the situation when the holder has forgotten the pin code is not a stalemate.

Thanks to the development of online banking and mobile applications, most card functions are available without a password. Purchases and services up to 1000 rubles can be paid at most retail outlets, public catering, etc. And even cash withdrawals remain available for the holder, although they will lead to a commission deduction.

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