SpaceX is valued at $125 billion.

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Experts increased SpaceX’s valuation to $125 billion. Back in the fall, its valuation was $25 billion less. In just six months, the result of the assessment of investors increased by 25%.

Analysts say that the reason for the growth is the sale of the company’s shares in the secondary market. How many securities were sold is not reported, but the value of the securities in this transaction was set at $72.

This week, the New York Post reported that Elon Musk wants to pay for the recently agreed purchase of the social network Twitter by selling part of the securities of his SpaceX company. According to Musk’s plans, the cost of one share at the same time should have left $70. This price is a quarter more than the $56 per share set in 2021.

In October, the company’s valuation from investors was only $100 billion. According to an update, SpaceX becomes the second most expensive company. The leader in this ranking is Bytedance from China, it is $15 billion more expensive.

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