Sanofi and Pfizer raise prices for Russia

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The largest Western pharmaceutical companies, Sanofi and Pfizer, cannot offer supplies to Russia on the old terms. The constant fluctuations in exchange rates and the rising cost of logistics have driven up the cost of vaccines.

Russian customers were unable to purchase the Pentaxim vaccine, which works against several infections at once, and the vaccine against pneumococcal infection. Due to changes in exchange rates and a number of logistical problems, the sale of drugs to Russia at previously set prices has become unprofitable for the manufacturer.

According to the FAS, in April, it was not possible to hold an auction for the state purchase of Prevenara, a vaccine against pneumococcus produced by Pfizer. After that, state customers increased the initial cost of the drug to 1.52 thousand rubles per dose. The total cost of purchases increased to 3.2 billion rubles.

Now Sanofi and an enterprise producing a vaccine in Russia, Nanolek, have applied to the FAS with a similar application. They are asking for a review of prices for Pentaxim, a vaccine that works simultaneously against hemophilia, polio, tetanus and diphtheria. Almost 3.4 million doses of the drug were purchased last year. In the near future, it is planned to hold an auction for only 700 thousand doses at new prices, which is significantly lower than the country’s needs.

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