German authorities fear a decrease in gas supplies from Russia

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Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline will be closed for maintenance next month. The German side fears that the Russian side will use this to leave the FRG without gas for the winter. Previously, supplies for the period of technical work were compensated through the territory of Ukraine.

According to the Financial Times, the proposed shutdown of supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline threatens an energy crisis this winter. Before the start of the heating season, the country will be left with empty gas storages.

Gas supply through the pipeline will be stopped on July 11, the expected period of technical work is 10 days. Earlier, Russia greatly reduced supplies in this direction – up to 40% of the previous volumes. The Russian side explained such a decrease in submission by technical problems, which should be eliminated during the break. In addition, Gazprom complained that Siemens did not return equipment that was being repaired. This was prevented by sanctions against the Russian Federation by Canada.

Experts believe that even with the Nord Stream operating, the situation is rather complicated. In previous years, during technical work, Gazprom sent energy through Ukraine or Poland, but geopolitical tensions this year make officials in Germany doubt such a development. Many of them believe that Gazprom may deliberately delay repairs in order to prevent Germany from building up reserves for the winter. At the moment, less than 60% of the required volume of gas is in storage. In the next four months, the German authorities plan to increase their filling to 90%.

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