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Bars Street with levels

  • This indicator identifies consecutive bullish and bearish bars;
  • Determines the highs and lows for the last N bars (N changes in the settings);
  • Shows Buy and Sell signals based on the readings of other indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Stochastic and MACD;
  • Graphically displays 3 to 12 consecutive bullish and bearish bars with an alert;
  • Implemented the ability to disable the alert and unnecessary graphic elements;
  • It is also possible to adjust the number of bars in the history on which the graphical elements of the indicator will be drawn (value 0 = all available bars);
  • Option to change the size of graphic elements.

This indicator is well suited for binary options trading.

  • Size of the indicator label – The size of the graphic label of the indicator (recommended from 1 to 4);
  • Width Line – width of the maximum and minimum lines;
  • The position of the indicator label (in points) – the distance from the maximum or minimum of the candle to the graphic label of the indicator;
  • Alert-An alert that notifies you when a new graphic label appears;
  • Number of history bars – the number of bars to calculate the indicator (0 – the entire history);
  • Number of bars for level – the number of bars to calculate the maximum and minimum;
  • Up trend-display the priority trend;
  • Down trend-display the priority trend;
  • 3 buy bars (on/off)12 buy bars (on/off) – enables or disables the graphical indicator label.
  • 3 sell bars (on/off)12 sell bars (on/off) – enables or disables the graphic label of the indicator.

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